Responsible Risk Management®

Responsible Risk Management®
July 25, 2019 Paul Sherman

Star-Ting Incorporated Solves Real-world Issues

 To protect an organization from external and internal threats.

Our Core Lines of Business

Our core lines of business include business intelligence, competitive intelligence, decision support and Responsible Risk Management® when accuracy matters for important decisions. Our unique process reduces systemic error found in conventional brainstorming techniques increases the reliability of source information for personnel and physical security assessments. Our solutions shrink the estimate of error commonly practiced in conventional qualitative assessments or feasibility studies.

Looking for Assessments? We prepare:

  • Business Impact Analysis;
  • Business Policies & Procedures;
  • Crisis Management Plans;
  • Emergency Response Plans;
  • Information Security Plans;
  • Physical Security Plans;
  • Risk Allocation & Controls;
  • Risk Assessments & Plans;
  • Security Policies & Procedures;
  • Threat and Business and organizational continuity; or
Looking for Intelligence Reports? We provide:
  • Corrective Action Reports;
  • General Management Reports;
  • Incident Reports;
  • Investigative Reports;
  • Loss Status Reports;
  • Security Director’s Reports;
  • Significant Incident Reports;
  • Vulnerability Assessment Reports;
  • Workplace Violence Reports or

Any tailored report suited for Hazard Identification (HAZID), Hazard and Operability Study (HAZOP), Vulnerability, Threat and Impact Assessments (VA); or crisis management to better identify and evaluate hazards and potential security risks.

Our results involve controlling the costs of a project, ensuring compliance is maintained, enhancing information flow from the supplier to the customer, emergency preparedness and response, verification of a company’s risk management program or validation of client-initiated disclosures. Our clients gain accurate, consistent and science-based, top-line information. Call Star-Ting Incorporated at 1.403.289.2292 today.