Corporate and Government Advisory Services

Corporate and Government Advisory Services

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Serving Corporate and Government Clients

Security management advisory services for high impact or high value assets to mitigate risk exposure.

Star-Ting Incorporated (STI) is a privately held woman-owned company established in 2009. We are professionally certified and third-party recognized at the board-level to provide government and industry consulting for asset and facility management. Attain the best-in-class decision support when threats, risks and vulnerabilities in base building and facilities matter. Our corporate clients and government connections refer us.

Our specialization is in qualitative data. Our approach is ‘Responsible Risk Management®‘ well suited for policy makers, cabinet ministers and high-level management.

Get in-depth security and risk assessments, audits, evaluations, feasibility studies, plans or reports to better address the level of risk or exposure governance, operations or your next project faces when critical issues matter.

The industries we serve as credentialed service providers include Aerospace & Defense; Engineering & Construction; Financial Services & Banking; High Tech & Electronics; Higher Education & Research; Insurance; Media; Oil & Gas; Public Sector; Transportation & Storage.

We hold two active supply arrangements with the Canadian Crown. Our service lines extend to government agencies, organizations, departments, branches and review bodies as a contractor or sole source service provider.

Star-Ting Incorporated is federally incorporated with its head office in Calgary Alberta. As an Extra-Provincial Corporation, we provide support across Canada with permanent remote working capabilities.

We conform to professional Codes of Conduct and Ethics. We adhere to ISO 31000:2018 standard, COSO and the ISO 20700 Management Consultancy Standards.

Security Management and Threat Mitigation

Our multi-disciplinary approach utilizes integrated solutions for strategic or operational risk management to provide evidence-based reporting.

    • Base Building Threat and Risk Assessments (TRAs)
    • Business Impact Assessment (BIA)
    • Facility Security Assessments (FSA)
    • GAP Analysis
    • Qualitative Analytics – first to ‘quantify qualitativeTM‘data
    • Quantitative Analysis
    • Risk Assessment or Analysis
    • Security Management
    • Threat Vulnerability Risk Assessments (TVRA)

Business Risks

Emerging Risks

Enterprise Risks

Financial Risks

Hazard Risks

Market Risks

Operational Risks

Price Risks

Project Risks

Reputation Risks

Strategic Risks

Further Information

Should you require immediate information on contracting through our federal government vehicles, please contact us at 1.403.289.2292.