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Senior team of dedicated professionals are innovative leaders providing services above the standards of excellence. First to “quantify qualitative” data with a unique patent pending, Process to Integrate Quantified Qualitative Data into Analytics. Our team drives Responsible Risk Management® into the digital age with this new approach resulting in decreased systemic error and increased accuracy in data intelligence for robust risk reporting.


LOREEN M. SHERMAN, MBA, CPP<sup>®</sup> CMC, CRM (Candidate) – Director and CEO

Founding Star-Ting in 2007, Mrs. Sherman federally incorporated on October 7, 2009. As Director and CEO, she is accountable for the overall governance and leadership of Star-Ting Incorporated’s six functional areas of business involving strategy, marketing, finance, human resources, technology and operations. She earned three professional designations beyond her post-graduate degree the University of Phoenix, Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree (2009) after completing a BA Geography undergraduate degree from the School of Geography Geology re-named Geography and Earth Sciences, McMaster University.

As a Certified Protection Professional (CPP®) she is globally recognized as attaining the gold standard of excellence for security management professionals, ASIS International (July 2019).

With the RIMS Certified Risk Management Professional (RIMS-CRMP) she is recognized by Risk and Insurance Management Society (RIMS) representing more than 3,500 entities, as one of the first wave of professionals to earn the only accredited risk management designation by demonstrating all risk competencies, American National Standards Institute (ANSI) (Feb 2018).

She earned from CMC-Canada the Certified Management Consultant (CMC) designation as the highest professional standard in management consulting recognized around the world in over 40 countries concerning professional qualifications (April 23, 2015).

In addition, Mrs. Sherman is certified faculty with Meritus University with the successful completion of the intensive faculty training program that ensued in inclusion in the Council vote and involvement in Academic Affairs, APOLLO Group. Six faculty assignments and contracts were successfully completed in an online, eLearning environment: MGT/1131 BBAG0Q1V42 Organizational Behavior; MGT/1130 BBAH0T0464 Management Concepts; MGT/1130 BBAG0QYC80 Management Concepts; MGT/1131 BBAB0QE386 Organizational Behavior; MGT/1131 BBAAOMTN60 Organizational Behavior; and MGT/1130 BBAH0LMAK8 Management Concepts.

As a certified sage mentor with FuturePreneur (formerly Canadian Youth Business Foundation) she connected face-to-face with CYBF entrepreneurs, mentors and business champions from across Canada. Through this national network, she shared advice, experiences and resources to help businesses grow.

Fostering excellence and integrity in the management consulting profession and delivering ethical standards with professional competency is uppermost in her work ethics.

Successful fulfilment of multiple industry contracts including Imperial Oil Resources where she mitigated data information systems by assisting Imperial’s Decision Unit Managers across B.C. A.B. SASK, and NWT resulted in the successful implementation of live global communications system (2007-2008).

Her multi-industry experience extends over 35 years, starting in banking where she balanced Bank of Montreal’s cash book. Then as a Director for a residential and commercial security company managing 200+ accounts that as owner she sold (1992-2007).

Active in community: Canadian Energy Executive Association (CEEA); Canadian Heavy Oil Association (CHOA) former Chair Communications and External Relations; CMC-Canada, Calgary Petroleum Club; Canadian Society of Petroleum Geologists (CSPG); Canadian Society of Exploration Geophysicists (CSEG); Canadian Well Logging Society (CWLS): Impact Group (LIG); Modern Miracle Network (MMN); Petroleum History Society (PHS) former Secretary for the Board; Risk and Insurance Management Society (RIMS); Supply Chain Management Association (SCMA) Giving Back Task Force and Editorial Board sub-committee for the Flagship-Supply Chain Canada publication; and the United Conservative Party (UCP) as former Mackay Nose Hill VP Policy where she was instrumental in submissions for the new constitution.

Multiple bestselling Kindle Author for business, communication and leadership books: “The Book on Business Skills for Today”; “The Book on Leadership Skills for Today”, available on Amazon.

Co-Keynote March 27, 2018 in Silicon Valley with the event’s sponsor, David Bradford, Co-founder, Chief Strategy Officer and Director of Strategic Partnership Development for Advisen Ltd. at the Silicon Valley Insurance Accelerator (SVIA) InsurTech Fusion 2018 Enterprise Risk, San Francisco, USA. Panel speaker at the 2018 National Privacy and Data Governance Congress (PACC-CCAP) on March 6-8, 2018 at the Carriage House Inn, Calgary, AB.

She most recently created and submitted a patent application for the patent pending, PROCESS TO INTEGRATE QUANTIFIED QUALITATIVE DATA INTO ANALYTICS, No. 3,025,302 (Nov 2018).

Mrs. Sherman proudly presents her team that provided security, engineering expertise and support as follows …

PAUL SHERMAN, CD. – Operations Chief

PAUL W. SHERMAN, CD, C-Tech – General Manager

As Operations Chief for Star-Ting Incorporated (STI), Paul brings 43 years of industry and military experience in the Communications and Electronics Branch to the table. He is co-founder and key benefactor of the corporation and provides a judicious understanding of quality and value to clients and employees alike. He believes if a job is worth doing, it is worth doing right and lives by that principle.

Paul has strength in leadership and working with teams. He was promoted to the rank of Master Warrant Officer in the Canadian Forces while serving on bases and stations across Canada and in the Middle East between 1972 and 1997. He served in technical capacities on communications, research and training units across Canada on both Air and Army units in increasingly responsible positions culminating with the position of Technical Maintenance Chief at a western Canadian Supplementary Radio System station. In this role, he was responsible for all communications equipment maintenance on the station as well as representative to the National Technical Conference on maintenance policy, practices, responsibilities and future direction for the System.

Paul retired from the Canadian Forces School of Communications and Electronics in 1997 where he managed a large team of instructors developing and instructing office automation software.

He joined Computing Devices Canada in 1998, subsequently General Dynamics Mission System – Canada, where he was extensively involved in the development, product and system level design proving, verification and validation of the IRIS System, a state of the art communications system and subsequent upgrades and enhancements. He was intimately involved in the delivery of this advanced communication system to the Canadian Army serving as technical and test coordinator for two major fielding hubs between 1999 and 2003. He has provided similar support to a several national and international programs entered into by General Dynamics Mission Systems – Canada.

Paul is well versed on requirements development, verification, validation and management and provides a keen insight into the development and test of the RESP-ROI® Responsible Risk Management® tool.

WAYNE OLSON, P.Eng. – Chief Engineer

Wayne Olson, P.Eng. – Chief Engineer

Director and President of Expert Allocation Services Inc, Wayne joins Star-Ting Incorporated’s team as Chief Engineer in the development and deployment of RESPONSIBLE RISK MANAGEMENT®. Wayne is a Chemical Engineer with 37+ years of business experience in the Canadian and international O&G industry. Wayne specializes in Field Data Capture (FDC); Production Accounting (PA) support; product allocation methodology design, development and implementation; regulatory compliance and reporting support; joint venture auditing; measurement compliance and auditing; operations business support; and design, development and support for the software applications utilized by various clients in the PA and FDC areas. Wayne is registered with APEGA as a professional engineer.

Wayne successfully completed projects on budget and on-time for oil and gas operators (upstream and midstream) including: Canbriam Energy Inc., Crew Energy Inc., Arriva Energy Inc. (now Petrus Resources Ltd.), Phoenix Canada Upstream (Canadian division of CNPC), ConocoPhillips Canada, Scollard Energy Inc., Exoro Energy Inc., UGR Blair Creek Ltd., AltaGas Ltd., Bonavista Energy Corporation, Terra Energy Corp., Tourmaline Oil Corp., Murphy Oil Company Limited, and Canadian Natural Resources Limited (CNRL) and most recently for Elite International and Woodside Energy Ltd. in the international industry as well as numerous other companies.

Achieving the successful execution of internal and/or joint venture audits included applying Wayne’s expertise and knowledge of measurement, product allocations, and product pricing. Other projects entailed support and development of new gas plant facilities during the regulatory application process with the BC OGC to ensure compliance with the regulations for proper allocations and measurement. In some cases, these applications were for cross border deliveries between BC and Alberta. Other projects entailed the development and execution of an Liquid-Gas-Ratio (LGR) testing program. Wayne was instrumental in testing programs and supplying project reports to ensure compliance and communication goals were met. Several projects delivered risk based analysis for financials, budgeting and decision support for technical deferments for the clients.

Wayne is a member of the following industry organizations:

  • Canadian Association of Petroleum Production Accountants (CAPPA)
  • Petroleum Accountants Society of Canada (PASC)
  • Gas Processing Association Canada (GPAC)
  • Petroleum Joint Venture Association (PJVA)
  • Industry Measurement Group (IMG)