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Executive Team

Our Directors and senior team drive Responsible Risk Management® as dedicated professionals who provide services above the standards of excellence.

LOREEN M. SHERMAN, MBA, CMC, CRMP (Candidate) – Director and CEO

LOREEN M. SHERMAN, MBA, CMC, CRM (Candidate) – Director and CEO

As Director and CEO, Loreen is accountable for the overall leadership of Star-Ting Incorporated’s strategic, enterprise and operational performance. She is the creator and a strong driving force behind RESPONSIBLE RISK MANAGEMENT® where advanced operations and a new methodology enables a deeper drill down into qualitative risk factors.

Loreen is Faculty certified withe Apollo Group, a Certified Management Consultant and is currently undertaking Certifed Risk Management Professional designation. Her multi-industry experience extends over 35 years, starting in banking where she balanced Bank of Montreal’s cash book. Then as a Director for a residential and commercial security company managed 200+ accounts.

As an Adjunct Instructor, Loreen successfully completed six assignments teaching organizational behavior and management concepts to 40+ undergraduate business students. Inclusion in the Council vote by faculty representatives and involvement with Academic Affairs for Meritus University included peer-review program that provided valuable information and helped the campus fine-tune various rules and procedures.

Successful fulfilment of contracts. Mitigated system generated messages in a live environment for IMPACT, Imperial Oil Resource’s custom-designed database (SAP ERP) system. Loreen’s contribution to assist Imperial’s Decision Unit Managers across B.C. A.B. SASK, and NWT resulted in the successful implementation of live global communications system; streamlined data entries; and a cost-effective retrieval of data.

Loreen’s specialized capabilities include: organizational behavior, decision making and risk methodologies and is highly functional in traditional, enterprise and operational risk management. Earned a Master of Business Administration degree from the University of Phoenix and holds a BA from the School of Geography and Earth Sciences, McMaster University.

Active in community, current industry associations include: Canadian Energy Executive Association (CEEA); Canadian Heavy Oil Association (CHOA) Chair Communications and External Relations; CMC-Canada, Calgary Petroleum Club; Canadian Society of Petroleum Geologists (CSPG); Canadian Society of Exploration Geophysicists (CSEG); Canadian Well Logging Society (CWLS): Construction Owner’s Association of Alberta Contract Strategy Sub Committee; Gas Processing Association Canada (GPAC); Leadership Impact Group (LIG); Modern Miracle Network (MMN); Petroleum History Society (PHS) past Secretary for the Board; Petroleum Joint Venture Association (PJVA); Risk and Insurance Management Society (RIMS); and Supply Chain Management Association (SCMA) Giving Back Task Force and Editorial Board sub-committee for the Flagship-Supply Chain Canada publication. Her latest presentations were held for the 2017 Global Petroleum Show, Petroleum Technology Alliance of Canada (PTAC) Showcase, ShaleTech Canada; Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) Calgary Projects, Facilities & Construction workshop and is a repeat presenter for the World Heavy Oil Congress.

PAUL W. SHERMAN, CD, CTech (Eng.) – Director and Operations Manager

PAUL W. SHERMAN, CD, C-Tech – Director and General Manager

As Director and Operations Manager for Star-Ting Incorporated (STI), Paul brings 43 years of industry and military experience in the Communications and Electronics Branch to the table. He is co-founder and key benefactor of the corporation and provides a judicious understanding of quality and value to clients and employees alike. He believes if a job is worth doing, it is worth doing right and lives by that principle.

Paul has strength in leadership and working with teams. He was promoted to the rank of Master Warrant Officer in the Canadian Forces while serving on bases and stations across Canada and in the Middle East between 1972 and 1997. He served in technical capacities on communications, research and training units across Canada on both Air and Army units in increasingly responsible positions culminating with the position of Technical Maintenance Chief at a western Canadian Supplementary Radio System station. In this role, he was responsible for all communications equipment maintenance on the station as well as representative to the National Technical Conference on maintenance policy, practices, responsibilities and future direction for the System.

Paul retired from the Canadian Forces School of Communications and Electronics in 1997 where he managed a large team of instructors developing and instructing office automation software.

He joined Computing Devices Canada in 1998, subsequently General Dynamics Mission System – Canada, where he was extensively involved in the development, product and system level design proving, verification and validation of a state of the art communications system as well as subsequent upgrades and enhancements. He was intimately involved in the delivery of this advanced communication system to the Canadian Army serving as technical and test coordinator for two major fielding hubs between 1999 and 2003. He has provided similar support to a several national and international programs entered into by General Dynamics Mission Systems – Canada.

Paul is well versed on requirements development, verification, validation and management and provides a keen insight into the development and test of the RESP-ROI® Responsible Risk Management® tool.

ERIC NEWMAN, P.Eng, PMP, CRM (Candidate) – General Manager

Eric Newman, PMP, CRM (Candidate) – General Manager

Past VP of General Dynamics Mission Systems – Canada, Eric led Canada’s leading defense sector C4ISR provider providing Prime System Integration, R&D, Product Development, System Delivery and In Service Support for Army, Air Force and Naval customers worldwide. Eric joins Star-Ting Incorporated as General Manager where his 25+ years of experience in high technology defense programs, business operations and business transformation initiatives will be applied to drive RESPONSIBLE RISK MANAGEMENT® initiatives. Eric holds a Bachelor of Engineering (Civil) degree from Carleton University, a PMP from the Project Management Institute, a mini-MBA from McGill University and is registered with APEGA as a professional engineer.

Eric started his career as a commissioned officer in the Canadian Army and in 1996 he joined Computing Devices Canada as an Engineering Manager. In 2000, he became Delivery Operations Manager for the TCCCS program with General Dynamics Canada responsible for delivery of over $500M of state of the art communications equipment to the Canadian military.

Eric has an extensive background managing complex programs and corporate initiatives ensuring alignment of strategic objectives with corporate priorities. In 2004, he was the Business Area manager for the company’s Integrated Sensor Systems group delivering training and field support to land mine detection vehicle systems deployed in Afghanistan as well as the design, development, certification and manufacture of biological agent detection systems for military and paramilitary customers around the globe. His business area was the lead for the company’s CMMI audit leading to a level 5 rating.

In 2011 he became Program Director for a $750M multiyear program delivering in service support and technical upgrades to the Army’s command and control system. Eric completed his career at General Dynamics in the role of Vice President where he was responsible for a staff of over 300 and generated 175M/year revenue and captured two new programs valued in excess of $200M.

Eric brings to Star-Ting Incorporated a broad experience in business development and strategic planning, risk management, operational plan development as well as the establishment of strategic partnerships and supply agreements with companies around the world. He is currently pursuing his Canadian Risk Management designation through the University of Toronto.

WAYNE OLSON, P.Eng. – Chief Engineer

Wayne Olson, P.Eng. – Chief Engineer

Director and President of Expert Allocation Services Inc, Wayne joins Star-Ting Incorporated’s team as Chief Engineer in the development and deployment of RESPONSIBLE RISK MANAGEMENT®. Wayne is a Chemical Engineer with 37+ years of business experience in the Canadian and international O&G industry. Wayne specializes in Field Data Capture (FDC); Production Accounting (PA) support; product allocation methodology design, development and implementation; regulatory compliance and reporting support; joint venture auditing; measurement compliance and auditing; operations business support; and design, development and support for the software applications utilized by various clients in the PA and FDC areas. Wayne is registered with APEGA as a professional engineer.

Wayne successfully completed projects on budget and on-time for oil and gas operators (upstream and midstream) including: Canbriam Energy Inc., Crew Energy Inc., Arriva Energy Inc. (now Petrus Resources Ltd.), Phoenix Canada Upstream (Canadian division of CNPC), ConocoPhillips Canada, Scollard Energy Inc., Exoro Energy Inc., UGR Blair Creek Ltd., AltaGas Ltd., Bonavista Energy Corporation, Terra Energy Corp., Tourmaline Oil Corp., Murphy Oil Company Limited, and Canadian Natural Resources Limited (CNRL) and most recently for Elite International and Woodside Energy Ltd. in the international industry as well as numerous other companies.

Achieving the successful execution of internal and/or joint venture audits included applying Wayne’s expertise and knowledge of measurement, product allocations, and product pricing. Other projects entailed support and development of new gas plant facilities during the regulatory application process with the BC OGC to ensure compliance with the regulations for proper allocations and measurement. In some cases, these applications were for cross border deliveries between BC and Alberta. Other projects entailed the development and execution of an Liquid-Gas-Ratio (LGR) testing program. Wayne was instrumental in testing programs and supplying project reports to ensure compliance and communication goals were met. Several projects delivered risk based analysis for financials, budgeting and decision support for technical deferments for the clients.

Wayne is a member of the following industry organizations:

  • Canadian Association of Petroleum Production Accountants (CAPPA)
  • Petroleum Accountants Society of Canada (PASC)
  • Gas Processing Association Canada (GPAC)
  • Petroleum Joint Venture Association (PJVA)
  • Industry Measurement Group (IMG)
Dr. JAVAD SADEGHI, PhD. – Chief Visualization Officer

DR JAVAD SADEGHI, PhD – Chief Visualization Officer

As part of Dr. Sadeghi’s main area of Post-Doctoral research on creating interactive techniques for information visualization, he contributed a new sketch-based technique for creating and editing common tree layouts used in information visualization that highlights his strength in research, technology and innovation.

Sadeghi attained a PhD degree in Computer Graphics, University of Calgary (2013), earned a MSc degree in Software Engineering (2003), and completed a BSc degree in Software Engineering (2000).

As a Research Associate in the Art Department of the University of Calgary, Sadeghi created interactive art forms using digital dance motions provided by a studio in Montreal, designed intuitive interfaces for authoring and editing animations and developed different prototypes using software applications such as Maya, MotionBuilder and Unity3D. He also contributed new animation algorithms based on motion capture technique in the multi-disciplinary projects involving artists from diverse backgrounds.

Investigative inquiry undertaken during Dr. Sadeghi’s PhD studies on fundamental problems relating to the multiresolution paradigm led to improving multiresolution analysis of shapes and motion using reverse subdivision. One of the outcomes of his research was a new reverse subdivision filter for Catmull-Clark subdivision that produces smooth coarse meshes.

In the past 17 years, Sadeghi has taken different roles in the small and medium-sized enterprises including: analyst, consultant, designer, developer, project manager and managing director. Sadeghi has also developed a large network of innovators, service providers and government officials that are a valuable asset for any large-scale project.

As an active researcher, Dr. Sadeghi has published half a dozen computer graphics and information visualization publications with distinguished publishers including Elsevier. He has also served as reviewer for well-known international conferences and journals including CGI, SMI, GI and Computer & Graphics. Sadeghi’s multi-disciplinary research experiences, has enabled him to develop a strong capacity to manage R&D heavy projects. This proven track record helps Sadeghi to lead the interactive visualization projects at Star-Ting Incorporated and contribute different techniques related to data visualization and research data management to RESPONSIBLE RISK MANAGEMENT®.

ELLA MOGHADDAM, MSc. – Senior Creative Designer

ELLA MOGHADDAM, MSc. – Senior Creative Designer

As an innovative and accomplished Multimedia Designer (Graphics, Animation and UI/UX) with comprehensive coordination across all product development activities from research to market, Ella’s creative designs are showcased in different venues including CyberWorlds 2014 international conference and GRAND 2013 annual conference.

Ella earned her MSc degree (2014) in the Computational Media Design department at the University of Calgary after the successful completion of her Bachelor of Architectural Engineering (2009), to advance her expertise in the area of 3D modeling and animation.

As a Visual Artist and Graphic Designer, Ella collaborated with a number of highly-respected scientists and creative artists in these fields. She has a rich and technically strong background from the University of Calgary at the cross-section of Computer Science and Visual Arts. During her MSc research, she designed a novel sketch-based approach to assist dance choreographers authoring dance motions in a 3D environment. Inspired by traditional choreography, Ella introduced a set of simple annotations for Ballet and used them to allow choreographers storyboard a dance sequence in 3D.

Creative designing 3D animations in Maya and creating interactive scenes in Unity 3D culminated in one of her many projects, in the creation of sculptures from dancing avatars and their interactions. Ella is very skillful on managing the UI/UX design projects to ensure the overall look and feel of the products are consistent across the company’s brand. She adds value to the client projects by providing recommendations to the development teams for improvement of their product designs and helping them to envision new trends and ideas. Her diverse technical skills created compelling integrated media with a strong focus on designing interfaces for mobile and web platforms, sketching, drawing, videography, photography, and animation.

Combining over 7 years of multidisciplinary experience; and as a creative, self-starter, Ella provides strong attention to detail and design quality while creating easy-to-use, highly intuitive user experiences. She designs user interfaces for a diverse product range, including iOS, responsive web app, and desktop applications. She is the perfect addition to the Star-Ting Incorporated team to contribute her creative designs to the RESPONSIBLE RISK MANAGEMENT® program.