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Star-Ting Incorporated (STI) is a management consulting firm where we specialize in qualitative analytics. Corporations no longer need to rely on best-guess or consensus as in traditional analytics for cost engineering, director’s and officer’s liability, emergency/disaster management, health and safety, intellectual services, professional audit support, regulatory consulting, or risk mitigation services. Instead, we “quantify qualitative™” data utilizing advanced operations and statistical measures. Our clients gain accurate, consistent and science-based, top-line information. Our results involve controlling the costs of a project, help ensure compliance is maintained, enhance the flow of information from the supplier to the customer, emergency preparedness and response, verification of a company’s risk management program or validation of client initiated disclosures.


Recognized by the Risk and Insurance Management Society (RIMS).

ANSI Accredited ISO/IEC 17024/2012.

Compliant with ISO 31000:2018 and Canadian Oil and Gas Handbook (COGEH).

Recognized with NRC-IRAP Management Advisory Services (MAS) for CMC-Canada.


OUR PROCESS IS THE FIRST TO INTEGRATE QUANITIFIED QUALITATIVE DATA INTO ANALYTICS. We call our science-based Intelligent Decision Support Platform, RESP-ROI®. Our process returns significant statistical information from quantified qualitative datasets which are used for issue identification, classification, analyses, management, monitoring, mitigation and delivery in a final intelligence report.

We know your time and resources are valuable. We provide a very structured program. Our process is not client labour intensive. Our proprietary process analyzes, compares and critically evaluates client provided data in a straight forward, meaningful and repeatable manner. We complete our service with an in-depth report pertinent to your needs for real-world solutions in one of the service lines below.

Star-Ting Incorporated is first to develop a model to quantify qualitative data for Responsible Risk Management®. I have looked at their method and am convinced it is real and innovative as well as statistically correct. ~George Rhodey, Executive Director, Rhodey & Associates Inc.

We help identify vulnerabilities in published documents or other narratives that can significantly reduce governance exposures.


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Risk events affect the timely production, transportation, storage or other disruptive elements impacting the strategic planning and execution of operational or project-level activities. Don’t let these risks control you.