Corporate and Government Advisory Services

Corporate and Government Advisory Services

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Serving Corporate and Government Clients

Star-Ting Incorporated (STI) is a privately held woman-owned company since 2009. We provide management consulting and professional advisory services in business, security, risk and data management. Our team delivers superior solutions for the Canadian Crown, Parliament, Courts, Armed Forces, Civil Service and Crown Corporations with audits, assessments, evaluations, plans, professional development, programs, reviews, sessions and reports. We also serve the Office of the Premier, ministries, central offices and departments, cabinet and committee members. Our service lines extend to government agencies, organizations, departments, branches and review bodies as a contractor or sole source service provider.

The industries we serve as credentialed service providers include Aerospace & Defense; Agriculture & Mining; Automotive; Building Materials, Clay & Glass; Consumer Products; Engineering & Construction; Financial Services & Banking; Healthcare; High Tech & Electronics; Higher Education & Research; Insurance; Media; Oil & Gas; Public Sector; Transportation & Storage. Our corporate clients and government connections refer us.

Star-Ting Incorporated is federally incorporated with its head office in Calgary Alberta. As an Extra-Provincial Corporation, we can provide support across Canada with permanent remote working capabilities.

ProServices Supply Arrangement

Awarded a ProServices Method of Supply Arrangement from the DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC WORKS AND GOVERNMENT SERVICES CANADA. Star-Ting Incorporated is qualified as a supplier to support Calgary; Edmonton; National Capital Region (NCR); Ontario; Toronto; Western Canada as well as Remote / Virtual Access at the Junior, Intermediate and Senior Level. We provide the following streams and categories.
Stream 4 – (B) Business Services
4.3 Business Consultant
4.4 Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery Specialist
4.7 Business Transformation Architect
Stream 5 – (P) Project Management Services
5.2 Enterprise Architect
5.4 Organizational Development Consultant
5.8 Project Leader
5.12 Risk Management Specialist
Stream 8 – Human Resources Services
8.7 Leadership Development Consultant
Stream 9 – Business Consulting / Change Management
9.1 Business Analyst
9.2 Business Continuity Consultant
9.3 Business Consultant
9.4 Organization Development Consultant
9.5 Business Process Consultant
9.7 Needs Analysis and Research Consultant
9.8 Business Architect
9.9 Statistical Analyst
9.10 Knowledge Management Consultant
9.11 Information / Records Management / Recordkeeping Specialist
9.12 Evaluation Services Consultant
9.14 Subject Matter Expert
9.15 Facilitator Consultant
Stream 10 – Project Management Services
10.3 Project Leader / Executive
10.4 Project Planner
10.6 Risk Management Specialist
Stream 11 – Real Property Project Management Services
11.3 Project Leader For Real Property

Temporary Help Services (THS) Supply Arrangement

Awarded a TEMPORARY HELP SERVICES Supply Arrangement for the NATIONAL CAPITAL REGION (NCR) from the DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC WORKS AND GOVERNMENT SERVICES CANADA. Star-Ting Incorporated is qualified as a diverse supplier to provide support at the Junior, Intermediate and Senior Level. We provide the following streams and categories of services.
Stream 1 – Office Support
1.3 Executive Assistant
1.17 Project Administrator
Stream 8 – Financial Services
8.2 Evaluation Analyst
Stream 10 – Communication Services
10.1 Communication
10.2 Editor
10.3 Marketing
10.4 Media Monitor
10.5 Writer (non-technical)
10.6 Technical Writer
Stream 12 – Human Resources Management
12.1 Human Resources, Classification
12.4 Human Resources, General
12.7 Human Resources, Succession Planning
12.8 Organizational Design
Stream 13 – Policy and Advisory Services
13.1 Access to Information and Privacy
13.4 Policy
13.6 Risk Management
13.9 Special Advisor

We maintain valid security clearance level designation as per the Canadian Industrial Security Directorate (CISD). Compliant with ISO 31000:2018.

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Further Information

Should you require immediate information on contracting through our federal government vehicles, please contact us at 1.403.289.2292.