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Star-Ting Incorporated (STI) is a privately held woman-owned company since 2009. We deliver solutions as a sole source level 3 service provider with superior results.

Our core competencies are threat and risk mitigation services. Board certified in information security management, we provide risk assessments, strategic and operational plans and various reports for administrative and management support, organizational continuity planning, crisis and emergency communication as well as resource optimization to better manage the business enterprise.

We help manage the organization’s portfolio, optimize supply chain processes and mitigate threats by identifying forces influencing the enterprise for better risk control. We analyze the business model, design organizational risk strategies and develop treatments to meet today’s challenges. Our crisis management, disaster recovery and information security plans expose vulnerabilities for risk-informed response planning to protect people and assets. We produce top of the line information and reports. We offer certified risk advisory support and services.

Our approach is streamlined with increased responsiveness for solving critical risk questions and maximize turnaround on reporting. Where risk fluctuates and health, economic and social impacts matter, then as Risk Management Specialists we design and conduct threat and risk assessments. Utilizing both quantitative and qualitative techniques, as appropriate, to assess the likelihood or the impact if the risk event occurs. Our solutions provide science-based risk management and mitigation plans with actionable insights for governance and management reports to better prepare decision makers in times of uncertainty.


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Risk events affect the timely production, transportation, storage or other disruptive elements impacting the strategic planning and execution of operational or project-level activities. Don’t let these risks control you.