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Star-Ting Incorporated (STI) is a management consulting firm where we provide relevant information to protecting an organization from external and internal threats. We provide risk intelligence reports for asset protection, business and organizational continuity and crisis management for enhanced risk mitigation.

When you are the Chairman, President, COO, CEO or Vice President and accuracy matters to reduce misrepresentations, ensure compliance and due diligence of material public disclosures.

  • Complaint investigations (prevention, intervention and response tactics)
  • Director’s and Officer’s Liability (due diligence, compliance)
  • Investigations and crisis management, triage / prioritization

When you are the Commercial Business Development Director, Manager or Regional Country Manager and corporate decision matter for strategic planning and liability exposure.

  • Asset assessment (tangibles and intangibles)
  • Business and organizational continuity, damage assessments
  • Financial risk assessment (strategic, operational and hazard)
  • GAP Analysis (Shamrock model | network model)
  • Threat and “Responsible Risk Management®

When you are the Operations Director, Manager or Managing Director and capital investment matters to protect and safeguard assets.

  • Countermeasures assessment and review
  • Emergency and disaster management, all-hazards approach
  • Physical security risk analysis, fundamental analysis
  • Risk and asset management, enterprise risk management approach
  • Risk control, allocation and mitigation for functional response plans

When you are the Director of the Board, Chairman or Officer and corporate reputation matters and evidence of due diligence is required.

  • Information security and business intelligence
  • Personnel security assessments of total risk
  • Security Policy review (delegation of rank and lines of authority)

When you are the General Manager, Head of Department, Head of Company and decision confidence matters for estimation, evaluation and examination under scrutiny.

  • Intelligence for health, safety and environment
  • Personnel screening techniques, e.g. workplace violence
  • RESP-ROI® qualitative analysis (reduction of systemic error & increased accuracy)
  • Vulnerability, threat and impact assessments

We analyze, report and disseminate intelligence reports for Boards, C-Suite and Senior Management to enable each to better discharge their duties in safeguarding and protecting assets and public trust.

Spending years on researching why decision analytics fail, one of the root causes of failure is that consensus driven results introduces elements that were not part of the primary investigation such that the common practice of conventional qualitative analysis increases systemic error. A judge would not accept hearsay, but these common practices unwittingly do. Our new solution provides a better practice by focusing on primary investigation methods resulting in RESP-ROI® providing more accurate, reliable and efficient analysis and evaluation.

Enhanced vulnerability assessments because corporations no longer need to rely on best-guess or consensus as in traditional analytics for cost engineering, director’s and officer’s liability, emergency/disaster management, health and safety, intellectual services, professional audit support, regulatory consulting, or risk mitigation services.

Our uniquely named approach is the first to “quantify qualitative” data is best suited to maintain the integrity of data and to provide complete and accurate information. This new approach yields more accurate results on qualitative evaluation driven by facilitators where reliance on brainstorming techniques such as SWOT, table discussion, Delphi Questionnaire’s or Five Why’s has led to uncertain results by conventional methods.

Our clients gain accurate, consistent and science-based, top-line information. Our results involve controlling the costs of a project, help ensure compliance is maintained, enhance the flow of information from the supplier to the customer, emergency preparedness and response, verification of a company’s risk management program or validation of client-initiated disclosures.


Corrective Action Reports

Incident Reports

Investigative Reports

Loss Status Reports

Security Director’s Reports

Significant Incident Reports

Workplace Violence Reports

We help identify vulnerabilities in published documents or other narratives that can significantly reduce governance exposures providing value with a distinct competitive advantage for our clients. Get accurate vulnerability assessments, intelligence reports for asset protection, business and organizational continuity and crisis management to better protect your organization from external or internal threats.


Recognized by ASIS International certification programs.

Recognized by the Risk and Insurance Management Society (RIMS).

ANSI Accredited ISO/IEC 17024/2012.

Compliant with ISO 31000:2018 and Canadian Oil and Gas Handbook (COGEH).

Recognized with NRC-IRAP Management Advisory Services (MAS) for CMC-Canada.


FIRST TO INTEGRATE QUANITIFIED QUALITATIVE DATA INTO ANALYTICS. We call our science-based Intelligent Decision Support Platform, RESP-ROI®. Our process returns significant statistical information from quantified qualitative datasets which are used for issue identification, classification, analyses, management, monitoring, mitigation and delivery in a final intelligence report.

We know your time and resources are valuable. We provide a very structured program. Our process is not client labour intensive. Our proprietary process analyzes, compares and critically evaluates client provided data in a straight forward, meaningful and repeatable manner. We complete our service with an in-depth report pertinent to your needs for real-world solutions in one of the service lines below.


Star-Ting Incorporated is first to develop a model to quantify qualitative data for Responsible Risk Management®. I have looked at their method and am convinced it is real and innovative as well as statistically correct. ~George Rhodey, Executive Director, Rhodey & Associates Inc.

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Financial Risks

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Strategic Risks

Risk events affect the timely production, transportation, storage or other disruptive elements impacting the strategic planning and execution of operational or project-level activities. Don’t let these risks control you.