Corporate and Government Advisory Services

Corporate and Government Advisory Services

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Serving Corporate and Government Clients

Get in-depth security and risk assessments, audits or reports for base building and facilities. Hired as triple-certified and third-party validated advisors, we provide support from a Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED). Get risk insights from a perspective that considers the fluctuating elements like Covid-19 impacts. Attain the best-in-class support. We design and conduct threat risk assessments utilizing both quantitative and qualitative techniques.

Star-Ting Incorporated (STI) is a privately held woman-owned company established in 2009. We are professionally certified to provide management consulting and advisory services. We serve government and industry across the business enterprise with specialization in qualitative data, ‘Responsible Risk Management®‘. We are third-party recognized with validated skills and endorsed at the board-level in security management.

The industries we serve as credentialed service providers include Aerospace & Defense; Engineering & Construction; Financial Services & Banking; High Tech & Electronics; Higher Education & Research; Insurance; Media; Oil & Gas; Public Sector; Transportation & Storage. Our corporate clients and government connections refer us.

We hold two active supply arrangements with the Canadian Crown, Parliament, Courts, Armed Forces, Civil Service and Crown Corporations where we can deliver audits, assessments, evaluations, plans, professional development, programs, reviews, sessions, and reports. We also serve the Office of the Premier, ministries, central offices and departments, cabinet and committee members. Our service lines extend to government agencies, organizations, departments, branches and review bodies as a contractor or sole source service provider.

Star-Ting Incorporated is federally incorporated with its head office in Calgary Alberta. As an Extra-Provincial Corporation, we provide support across Canada with permanent remote working capabilities. We conform to professional Codes of Conduct and Ethics.

Vulnerability and Threat Mitigation

Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) is a multi-disciplinary approach to create safer workplaces and neighborhoods. Our approach utilizes integrated solutions for strategic or operational risk management.

    • Base Building Threat and Risk Assessments (TRAs)
    • Business Impact Assessment (BIA)
    • Facility Security Assessments (FSA)
    • GAP Analysis
    • Qualitative Analytics – first to ‘quantify qualitativeTM‘data
    • Quantitative Analysis
    • Risk Assessment or Analysis
    • Security Management
    • Threat Vulnerability Risk Assessments (TVRA)

    When critical issues matter in health, economic and social factors that impact change management, project administration, feasibility studies or screening of project ideas, then our professional services are well suited for policy makers, cabinet ministers and high-level management. When Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) in the workplace is required, we support our client’s need to protect people and assets, minimize exposure to crime and terrorism, breaches of security and overall business risk.

    New Remote Working Threat Course

    Security professionals have been thrust to the forefront of return-to-work planning as the crisis continues to create a complex set of business, security, risk, and data challenges. If you have a remote team but feel unsure about potential vulnerabilities and exposures in the home environment, we want to invite you to the new course on REMOTE WORKING THREATS. All organizations ultimately carry a responsibility to prevent threats and mitigate exposure. The production of seven educational sessions, self-paced videos are designed to address threat mitigations in the home environment. By taking measures to detect threats at the earliest possible moment and increasing manager and employee awareness with the top-of-line information on business, security, risk, and data management this complex problem is addressed in seven topical videos so attendees can guard against crippling data breaches that affect 4.9 million people.

    Remote Working Home Environment Threat Risk Assessment

    Remote work environments have increased potential for additional security, risk, and data management exposures. Get fresh insights and multiple learning take-aways with our educational advisory services and professional development programs. Conducting threat risk assessments in the remote environment will provide information to help reduce external vulnerabilities and data exposures or potential industrial espionage. We at Star-Ting Incorporated provide these services for the most effective endpoint. Get professional advice with recommendations to mitigate your risk on data management, facilities, leadership or management performance, workplace communication, social conditions, soft skills, bias, and human factors. Get help to pivot remote workers through their environment for real-world solutions.

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Further Information

Should you require immediate information on contracting through our federal government vehicles, please contact us at 1.403.289.2292.