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Specialists in security risk management. Our expertise in qualitative assessments enhances client’s security protection, risk planning and advances their mitigation techniques by reducing systemic error and increasing the accuracy of governance and management reports. We support our client’s need to protect people and assets, minimize exposure to crime and terrorism, breaches of security and overall business risk. For example, one of our most popular requests from clients is the purchase of our Threat Vulnerability Risk Assessments (TVRA) where we deliver science-based reports for risk-informed decision-making. We also provide Base Building Threat and Risk Assessments (TRA’s) for operational risk management. Our Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) is a multi-disciplinary approach to create safer workplaces and neighborhoods.

Star-Ting Incorporated (STI) is based in Calgary, AB and since 2009 is federally incorporated. We get results. Demonstrated when we spearheaded our client’s engagement by constructing customized strategies for wealth investment that enabled implementation of a re-balanced portfolio; achieved redefining the succession strategy by regular status updates and by producing a customized plan that re-balanced our Client’s current investment policy; and resulted in opening new market potentials. We delivered actionable insights for wealth management that aligned the client’s current investment policy statements with a strong workforce strategy. The overall project value was $2.5M.


Our approach, we call RESPONSIBLE RISK MANAGEMENT® involves a comprehensive and critical evaluation of the client’s entire security framework and organization. We provide: Business Impact Analysis (BIA); Business Continuity Plans; Business Policies & Procedures; Criminal and Terrorism Intent Detection; Crisis Management Plans; Emergency Response Plans; Information Security Plans; Physical Security Plans; Risk Assessments; Risk Allocation & Controls; Risk Mitigation Plans; Security Policies & Procedures and reports. Our reports are high-quality, in-depth with actionable intelligence and provide relevant elements per work request to better identify internal or external threats to prevent loss, reduce near misses and to better identify hazards that result in strengthened business security and organizational continuity.


Our current service is being automated. We are launching RESP-ROI® in an operational environment with third-party testing, evaluating and validating our methodology. We invite you to become an early adopter of our hi-technology innovation product. We are accepting purchase orders for licensing discounts.



Our unique process, we call RESP-ROI®, reduces systemic error found in conventional brainstorming techniques and increases the reliability of source information for personnel and physical security assessments. Our solutions shrink the estimate of error commonly practiced in conventional qualitative assessments such as in feasibility studies by as much as five times; therefore, resulting in more accurate security and risk reporting. When accuracy matters, our methodology provides evidence of due diligence, increases operational efficiencies, prevents crime, protects assets and saves money. This link provides a video overview of the RESP-ROI® methodology. This video is ~15 minutes long and has no audio.


Star-Ting Incorporated is first to develop a model to quantify qualitative data for Responsible Risk Management®. I have looked at their method and am convinced it is real and innovative as well as statistically correct.

~George Rhodey, Executive Director, Rhodey & Associates Inc.


  • ASIS International certification programs.
  • The Risk and Insurance Management Society (RIMS).
  • NRC-IRAP Management Advisory Services (MAS) for CMC-Canada.
  • ANSI Accredited ISO/IEC 17024/2012.
  • Compliant with ISO 31000:2018
    • Alberta Association for Safety Partnerships
    • Canadian Oil and Gas Handbook (COGEH)

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