Utilizing Data Analytics for Business and Competitive Intelligence


Star-Ting Incorporated’s lines of service complement your decision-makers with a streamlined process to save you time and money.


Uncertainty in the marketplace can increase corporate vulnerabilities that can impact your bottom-line. Safeguard your operational environment with robust insights, metrics and analytics.

  1. Engineering and Projects – problem analysis and judgement validation, insights on human factors in the process safety risk management program or environmental assessment resulting in better identification of hazards and exposures to allocate resources and to assist in risk compliance for each project.
  2. Operations – internal intelligence on day-to-day activities for making operations more cost-effective and productive. Sample plans:
    • Business Continuity Plan – prepare for business interruptions with leading not just lagging risk indicators. Ensure critical services or products are delivered during a disruption and resource back-ups for prevention and recovery to better deal with potential threats.
    • Emergency Disruption Plan – validate decision points to reduce liability and increase stakeholder confidence.
      • Emergency Drinking Water Distribution Plan – environmental assessment, mitigation and validation of planning and operations of centralized water distribution points.
  3. Risk Financing – reduce capital/operating costs with business intelligence and insights gleamed from balance sheet footnotes, off-balance sheet transactions and gain long-term value creation. Improve your business performance.

Purchase our RESP-ROI® Business Intelligence reports with better coverage of potential disruptors. Gain confidence with increased data reliability resulting in ways to eliminate redundancies, pinpoint inefficiencies and reduce liability exposures.


What are your competitors collecting on you?

  1. Competitive Benchmarking – gain deeper insights about the macro-environment, global prospecting or marketplace issues to capture market share or generate new income streams.
  2. Market Intelligence – gain decision support with accurate and qualitative data for confident decision-making to better determine market opportunity, penetration strategy and development.
  3. Industry Intelligence – convert news, business and financial data into actionable intelligence to leverage new opportunities.

Gather actionable intelligence about your competitors and their business environment to catch changes in the marketplace. Empower your firm to anticipate and face challenges for strategic, operational or tactical planning with our system in a top-line RESP-ROI® Intelligence Report.

Don’t let your competition gain an advantage and know what you missed or overlooked.


Risk events affect the timely production, transportation, storage or other disruptive elements impacting the strategic planning and execution of operational or project-level activities. Don’t let these risks control you. Align your strategic, financing and operational controls with RESPONSIBLE RISK MANAGEMENT®.

Mitigate risk with risk-informed decisions beyond the traditional or Enterprise Risk Management system. Be fully prepared.







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