Safeguarding Assets with Earlier Crime Detection


Safeguarding assets by assessing, evaluating and prioritizing security risk for your next project


Star-Ting Incorporated’s lines of services complement your decision makers with a streamlined process to save you time and money.
Where we safeguard your assets by assessing, evaluating and prioritizing:

  • The organization’s security plan to manage the organization’s vulnerabilities and threats.
  • The organization’s security program(s) to protect tangible and intangible assets.
  • The physical security program for an organizational asset.
  • The strength of the cross-functional organizational collaboration.

Where we expose internal and external threats to address potential consequences of incidents for RESPONSIBLE RISK MANAGEMENT®.

  • To initiate security staffing processes and personnel development programs.
  • To achieve organizational objectives across departments.
  • To develop a physical security program.

Gain risk mitigation insights on engineering projects, risk financing, business operations, business interruptions and disaster management with competitive intelligence and risk reports to protect tangible and intangible corporate assets.


Where we provide independent assessments and evaluations for all project stages:

Conceptualization: RESP-ROI® is the next generation of brainstorming methods used by certified risk management practitioners, protection professionals and management consultants by decreasing the systemic error commonly practiced in conventional methods for enhanced GAP Analysis, SWOT, Delphi Questionnaires, Five Why’s, etc. RESP-ROI® is the next generation of qualitative assessment methods by increasing the reach of the metrics with an in-depth statistical analysis, where we are the first to “quantify qualitative™” data. Providing an in-depth analysis to our clients increases the accuracy of each assessment by at least five times over conventional qualitative assessments. Accuracy matters.

Feasibility: Our increased accuracy on metrics is used to help prepare a more precise level of detail to give management a better picture of the cost-benefit equation for the Payback Period which can reduce re-work in the implementation phase.

Preliminary Engineering / Planning: Increased accuracy on itemizing and prioritizing options on proposals and bid reviews for better resource allocation to build the project by getting an in-depth assessment before implementation to identify vulnerabilities and exposures to reduce re-work in an independent analysis to supplement the final preliminary engineering report (a.k.a. a final planning report).

Detailed Design: Evaluation and validation of engineering analyses to ensure technical specifications are written with a risk focus.

Execution: Congruent with the engineering oversight, a strong risk oversight policy, plan and implementation plan with actionable insights and recommendations on human factors in the process safety risk management program or environmental assessment resulting in better identification of hazards and exposures to allocate resources and to assist in risk compliance for each project.

Decommissioning: Enhanced contingency planning to account for project’s difficulties. Increased accuracy in contingency costs based on more in-depth analysis upfront. Increased safety management from a security, health and safety and environmental perspective.


STI’s primary business is to mitigate risk and decrease loss from cradle to grave with a robust risk assessment for increased accuracy in security risk reporting.

Business Continuity Plan

  • Robust preparation with leading risk indicators to ensure critical services or products are delivered during a disruption.
  • Vigorous security intelligence to ensure resource back-ups for prevention and recovery.
  • Proactive long-term planning to better deal with potential threats and decrease recovery time from loss of an adverse event.
  • Non-process industrial projects to better deliver design assist, building information modeling and constructability reviews with accurate assessments and detailed reporting.
  • Non-process buildings to be designed with decreased risk in implementation of the project for reduced re-work and operational costs.

Emergency Disruption Plan

  • Creating safe and healthy working conditions, e.g. workplace violence programs.
  • Get validations on critical decision points to better reduce liability and increase stakeholder confidence.
  • Structure for personnel, emergency resources and essential services are planned in advance such as centralized water distribution points.
  • Security awareness program to meet requirements for objectives and evaluation measures for enhanced personnel security
  • Identifying and prioritizing lines of authority, communication for enhanced personnel security
  • Improving the security program on a continuous basis, e.g. public disclosures or submissions of documents to regulatory bodies
  • Mitigating risk, reducing red tape and stream-lining processes


What are your competitors collecting on you?

Competitive Benchmarking: gain deeper insights with RESP-ROI® Intelligence on the changing business environment. Enhanced global prospecting as first to read public narratives with three new patent pending measures which better identify marketplace issues so market share can be captured. This could lead into generating new revenue streams.

Market Intelligence: gain science-based decision support with increased accuracy on qualitative information that is publicly disclosed by your competitors. This could lead to new market opportunities, deeper market penetration or better growth strategies for business development.

Industry Intelligence: Convert news, business and financial data into actionable intelligence to leverage new opportunities.

Gather actionable intelligence about your competitors and their business environment to catch changes in the marketplace. Empower your firm to anticipate and face challenges for strategic, operational or tactical planning with our system in a top-line RESP-ROI® Intelligence Report.


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