Competitive Intelligence Gleaned for Corporate Decision-Makers


Improved data coverage contained in our process of incorporating quantified qualitative data results in a robust intelligence report.


Science-based results.


Don’t rely on traditional data analytics and Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) solutions that provide coverage of quantitative and numerical metrics without quantifying the qualitative values, leaving C-Suite, executives, data scientists and managers with a partial solution.

For example, we help our clients gain reliable information in support of their asset integrity program. Our report on corporate assets depicts risk control indicators to help maintain existing infrastructure while addressing the infrastructure deficit in our Asset Integrity Management Analysis.

If the data is inaccurate, then the results will be inaccurate. We provide real-world solutions with advanced business or competitive intelligence gleaned for corporate decision-makers. Improve and optimize decisions and performance, risk and compliance regarding environmental, ethical standards, human safety, intellectual property rights, legal and regulatory issues, risk control or other factors impacting regulation or major project decisions with RESP-ROI® insights.


We are the sole provider of RESPONSIBLE RISK MANAGEMENT®.


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