Threat Risk and Vulnerability Assessments


Certified Management Consulting and Professional Risk Advisory Services

Integrated Advisory Services

  • Recognized by ASIS International as board certified in security management;
  • Hold official accreditation American National Standards Institute (ANSI / IEC 1704:2012 as certified risk management professional; and
  • Conferred with the profession’s only international certification mark, recognized in over 50 countries representing a commitment to the highest standards of consulting as a Certified Management Consultant (CMC).

We provide a team-based, client-focused approach in a single, seamless service with a dedicated single point of contact. Our collaboration model maintains ease of communication, secure and confidential reporting. We are ethical and adhere to multiple codes.

Accurate and Reliable Reporting

The first to “Quantify Qualitative™” data with a patent pending, PROCESS TO INTEGRATE QUANTIFIED QUALITATIVE DATA INTO ANALYTICS when accurate information is required for board, governance or management assessments and reports.

Star-Ting Incorporated is first to develop a model to ‘Quantify Qualitative™’ data for Responsible Risk Management®. I have looked at their method and am convinced it is real and innovative as well as statistically correct.”
~George Rhodey, Executive Director, Rhodey & Associates Inc.:

  • Specialists in qualitative data and syndicated research, our Project / Program Advisory Services focus areas include:
    • Advisory Services: Administrative Management and Project Planning Services.
    • Business Consulting, Change Management / Organizational Development (CM/OD).
    • Information Management Services – financial risk management, risk allocation and risk control, where we line-item risk in capital budgets.
    • Management Consulting Services, Corporate Management and Security Risk Management.
    • Informatics Professional and Consulting Services – data analysis, performance of a survey, economic studies / modelling and analysis, environmental scoping, feasibility studies, market research and marketing strategy, economic studies.

    As a sole source provider, we provide integrated corporate services delivering business support services, based on multiple disciplines, seven management functions, best practice and new data methodologies in qualitative analysis to serve our client’s objectives, policy, planning and transformation goals.

    Intelligence Reports

    Our Intelligence Reports Expose Vulnerabilities. We produce critical success factors that might have been hidden or overlooked to find new opportunities utilizing a range of methodologies and evaluation analysis, alongside industry best practices and standards. Our advisory support results in effective response planning for policy, audit and security decisions.

    We provide real-world solutions with accurate assessments, robust appraisals and reliable reporting with science-based evidence delivered in our science-based Intelligence Reports:

    • Corrective Action Reports
    • General Management Reports
    • Incident Reports
    • Investigative Reports
    • Loss Status Reports
    • Policy Reports
    • Security Director’s Reports
    • Significant Incident Reports
    • Workplace Violence Reports

    Our superior approach enhances client’s security protection, risk planning and advances our client’s mitigation techniques by reducing baseline or systemic errors and increasing data accuracy. Increasing the accuracy in governance and management reports we provide actionable recommendations for managerial decision making, managing audit functions, board relations and ethics, managing the business enterprise, managing the organization’s portfolio, growth strategy, compliance requirements and strategic alignment of business unit objectives.

    Threat Risk and Vulnerability Assessments

    Star-Ting Incorporated (STI) provides top-line information. We design, conduct and produce Business Impact Analysis (BIA), concepts of operation, corporate security plans, COVID-19 impact assessments, data security analysis, information security threat assessments, management and mitigation plans, non-technical vulnerability assessments, operations management response plans, organizational risk strategies, qualitative research, risk assessments, threat and vulnerability assessments, Statements of Sensitivity (SoSs), threat assessments, security threat, vulnerability and risk briefings.