Threat Risk and Vulnerability Assessments


Certified Management Consulting and Professional Risk Advisory Services

Accurate and Reliable Reporting

Our superior approach enhances client’s security protection, risk planning and advances our client’s mitigation techniques by reducing baseline or systemic errors and increasing data accuracy. Increasing the accuracy in governance and management reports we provide actionable recommendations for managerial decision making, managing audit functions, board relations and ethics, managing the business enterprise, managing the organization’s portfolio, growth strategy and strategic alignment of business unit objectives.

Covid-19 Support

What do you do when your supply chain is interrupted during the Covid pandemic; or your business or organizational continuity is under attack? Director and CEO, Loreen Sherman at Star-Ting Incorporated launched a new program to provide a quick and effective risk response, contact her for the COVID-19 Risk Impact / Justification Analysis. You will get critical feedback for the development of corporate services, policy or communications to prepare your business or organization for way forward.

COVID-19 Risk Impact / Justification Analysis is an assessment on preliminary concerns when identifying new business challenges arise, e.g. what points in the supply chain are impacted or when re-thinking the strategic plans for durable and sustainable business processes or tactics to ensure downsizing to remote or work-shared offices. Feedback from each analysis provides critical information for the development of Corporate Services, Policy, Communications (Internal or external publication) such as: data security analysis, concepts of operation, public relations.

    • Our approach is streamlined to maximize turnaround on critical risk questions, where risk fluctuates, and a risk justification statement is required for immediate actions.
    • Our turn-around time is as fast as 24-hours for preliminary concerns when a deep analytical assessment of the qualitative information is not necessary.
    • Deliverables: Executive Summary report on the findings with actionable recommendations.

    Intelligence Reports

    We provide real-world solutions with accurate assessments, robust appraisals and reliable reporting with science-based evidence delivered in our science-based Intelligence Reports:

    • Corrective Action Reports
    • General Management Reports
    • Incident Reports
    • Investigative Reports
    • Loss Status Reports
    • Policy Reports
    • Security Director’s Reports
    • Significant Incident Reports
    • Workplace Violence Reports

    Research and Development

    The first to quantify qualitative data with a patent pending, PROCESS TO INTEGRATE QUANTIFIED QUALITATIVE DATA INTO ANALYTICS when accurate information is required for board, governance or management reports.
    Specialists in qualitative research, our Project / Program Advisory Services and focus areas include SYNDICATED RESEARCH for:

    • Administrative Management and Project Planning Services.
    • Business Consulting, Change Management / Organizational Development (CM/OD).
    • Management Consulting Services and Security Risk Management.
    • Informatics Professional and Consulting Services – Data Analysis, Performance of A Survey, Economic Studies / Modelling and Analysis, Environmental Scoping, Feasibility Studies, Market Research and Marketing Strategy, Economic Studies

    Threat Risk and Vulnerability Assessments

    Star-Ting Incorporated (STI) provides top-line information. We design and conduct Business Impact Analysis (BIA), COVID-19 impact assessments, data security analysis, information security threat assessments, non-technical vulnerability assessments, risk assessments, threat and vulnerability assessments. We design organizational risk strategies, corporate security plans and operations management response plans.