General Management and Distribution Intelligence Reports




Star-Ting Incorporated (STI) provides top-line information. Enhanced coverage allows for better emergency preparedness and response, risk mitigation and crisis management. Our intelligence reports better support our clients to make strong, science-based decisions when you require business intelligence, competitive intelligence or decision support to prepare your corporate strategic plan or project proposal or operational policy for enhanced security management

Science-based results when details matter …

STI provides fine-tuning on short-falls, technology incidents and corporate vulnerabilities where precision makes a difference for accurate assessments and detailed risk reports. Accurate reporting better identifies threats, weaknesses, exposures and vulnerabilities to assess what went wrong. Accurate insights help control the costs of a project. Evidence of due diligence matters when submitting investment or regulatory information.

We are automating our services for quicker, more efficient and real-time alerting for early warning of crime, risk and security breaches. Request a quote on our Early Adopter discounts.

General Management and Distribution Intelligence Reports

We provide real-world solutions with accurate assessments and reliable reporting. You gain confidence with increased data reliability. You get satisfaction and relief of mind that your appraisals, assessments and investigations are robust when due diligence matters with science-based evidence from our Intelligence Reports:

  • Corrective Action Reports
  • Incident Reports
  • Investigative Reports
  • Loss Status Reports
  • Security Director’s Reports
  • Significant Incident Reports
  • Workplace Violence Reports

Don’t just rely on traditional data analytics or Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) solutions that provide coverage of quantitative and numerical metrics without quantifying the qualitative values, leaving C-Suite, executives, data scientists and managers with only a partial solution. Instead, get complete coverage and an accurate report. Call us today for a special offer, “Early Adopter Opportunity“.