Responsible Risk Management® products


Traditional and ERM solutions provide coverage of quantitative and numerical metrics without quantifying the qualitative values, leaving data managers with a partial solution. If the data is inaccurate, then the results will be inaccurate.


Risk is uncertainty and will never be 100% mitigated but proactive, risk management can result in reduced risk and exposure, better identification of unexpected or undesired events and enhanced control across the organization’s supply chain leading to lower costs and increased profits with Responsible Risk Management®.

For example, we help our clients gain reliable information in support of their asset integrity program. Our report on corporate assets depicts risk control indicators to help maintain existing infrastructure while addressing the infrastructure deficit in our Asset Integrity Management Analysis.

Additionally, we provide climate change and environmental reports. Other reports include: hazard management, performance management and specialized reports on operational controls or efficiencies. See below for a list of our current product offerings.


Asset Integrity Management Analysis

Barrier Analysis

Bow-Tie Hazard Analysis

Business Impact Analysis (BIA)

Capital Cost Analysis

Cost-Benefit Analysis

Critical Path Analysis

Due Diligence Analysis

Failure Analysis

Feasibility Analysis

Front-end Planning Risk Analysis

GAP Analysis

Incident Management Analysis

Operations Analysis

Performance Analysis

Process Hazard Analysis (PHA)

Project Risk Analysis

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