About Star-Ting Incorporated


Star-Ting Incorporated drives forward RESPONSIBLE RISK MANAGEMENT® for multiple industries: Banking, Construction, Energy, Environment, Government (all levels), Infrastructure, Insurance, Manufacturing, Oil and Gas, and Supply Chain. The company delivers next-generation solutions to clients across business units to mitigate their risk and increase operational efficiencies. STI is committed to sustainable growth and development. STI’s clear vision is to be the next industry, national and international standard.


Headquartered in Calgary, AB, October 7, 2009 Star-Ting Incorporated is suitably located to meet the demand of Alberta’s Banking, Construction, Energy and Environmental sector. The corporation specializes in Responsible Risk Management® for enterprise, project and operational risk.


Star-Ting Incorporated holds to a code of ethics, CMC-Canada, recognized in over 40 countries. The company is committed to a strong Board of Directors and the highest standards of corporate governance to direct and manage its affairs.

We provide independent assurance to the board of directors and stakeholders that operations information is reliable, performed efficiently and achieve established objectives.


Star-Ting Incorporated (STI) is a management consulting firm.

  • NAICS Code: 86902 – Management Consultant or 54161 (management consulting services);
    • Risk Management Consulting; and
    • Decision Analytics (DA).

Corporate services ensure effective risk management and key controls are maintained within a significant business process.


Registered Trademarks.

  • Responsible Risk Management®
  • Responsible ROI®


Strong relationships established with multiple industry associations:

  • RIMS The Risk Management Society;
  • Calgary Petroleum Club;
  • Canadian Energy Executive Association.
  • Canadian Heavy Oil Association;
  • Canadian Society of Exploration Geophysicists;
  • Canadian Society of Petroleum Geologists;
  • Construction Owner’s Association of Alberta’s Contract sub-committee;
  • Gas Processing Association Canada;
  • Leadership Impact Group
  • Petroleum History Society;
  • Petroleum Joint Venture Association;
  • Petroleum Technology Alliance Canada;
  • Society of Petroleum Engineers;
  • Supply Chain Management Association; and
  • The Canadian Well Logging Society.